Stealth P3 Ready to Wear Respirator & Filters

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  • The ONLY safety mask to aerodynamically divert dusts, mists, fumes away from your breathing area
  • Unique placement of exhalation valves to stop eyewear and visors from fogging or misting
  • Easy to breathe and ideal for long duration use without ‘sweating’
  • Very comfortable and made from material designed to prevent skin irritation
  • Long filter life with inexpensive filter replacements
  • Available in sizes S/M and M/L with choice of either HEPAC P3R or HEPAC P3R Nuisance Odour twin filters
  • Replacement filters: HEPAC P3R or HEPAC P3R Nuisance Odour (activated carbon)
  • Storage case (sold separately)


Stealth P3 Mask Ready to Wear

    • Low-profile design maximizes field of vision. Fits easily under most welding helmets and safety visors.
    • Does not fog or mist eyewear due to unique placement of exhalation valves
    • Ergonomic design, extremely low breathing resistance makes the stealth mask suitable for most work activities ranging from low to strenuous, and short to extended periods.
    • Very comfortable and made from material designed to prevent skin irriration.
    • Long filter life with inexpensive filter replacements
    • Manufactured from high grade materials which are odour free, non-allergenic (The TPE mask body material is latex and silicone free).
    • Single piece head and neck strap runs with ease through four anchor points optimally positioned on the grill whilst the strap is easily tensioned by simply pulling the strap ends through the self-locking neck clips providing a customized user face fit.
    • Exclusive HEPAC™ (High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite) media pleated filter design provides additional surface area for maximum efficiency and filter life, providing optimal efficiency in both humid and non-humid environments. The Stealth™ HEPAC™ P3(R) filters provide 99.95+% filtration of airborne particles and oil aerosols at 0.3 microns and above.
    • Protective grill, with sleek downward facing louvres protecting the filter from debris and dust in harsher environments and is easily removed for filter replacement.
    • Large non-return exhaust valve eases breathing and reduces user fatigue, positioned to exhale downwards avoiding condensation of visors and eye protection.
  • Sample port. The only known respirator on the market with integral sample port & plug to allow non-destructive quantitative face fit testing of each unit, thus the fit of each specific respirator to the end user can be tested without the need for additional fittings or disposing of the tested unit.

When fitted with Nuisance Odour filters, the Stealth is an inexpensive alternative to air fed respiratory equipment when welding.  The HSE now require respiratory equipment to be worn for welding indoors (if extract ventilation is insufficient) and outdoor welding.

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